Working Weaknesses

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Working Weaknesses

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If Jiu-Jitsu had a W2 form, this is what it would look like… well part of it.



I guess we can say this is the offensive position section, then there would be a defensive position section, followed by a submission, submission defense and transition section. There are numerous amounts of positions and submission (and variations of them), which is why Jiu-Jitsu is so complicated to learn and very technique orientated.

A good way to raise your game to the next level is identifying your weaknesses and work on turning them to strengths. If you suck at escaping when someone has your back, let someone start from taking your back and practice until you feel comfortable with it. You may get tapped 20 times before you actually start figuring it out, but sometimes that’s what it takes.

Using the same example, another good way would be to practice controlling your opponents back because if you are good at attacking a position, you are usually good at defending from that same position because you know what it takes to control it, if that makes sense. i.e. Your signature move is really not your signature move if you get caught in it lol.

When rolling, most of us are so worried about not getting tapped and looking good, that we don’t practice the stuff that we aren’t good at. You see it all the time when people start from the knees. You see them both on their knees pushing back and forth like they are sumo wrestling or something and nobody wants to play off their back because they are only good on top. It kinda like if you are driving on the freeway and someone in the lane next to you is going at the same speed as you for a while. Someone usually speeds up or slows down. If someone, especially a lower belt, is resisting to go back, pull guard. It’s not as scary as it seems down there :)I remember there were a lot of people who were frightened of transitioning to mount from side control because they didn’t have a good mount. It’s only the most dominant position in Jiu-Jitsu (along with back mount)! Learn it!

Let me know when you see Roger Gracie getting cross choked from mount 🙂 Or maybe even mounted for that matter.