Stretching Yourself

Stretching Yourself

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I was going to do this post the week of the US Open XV, but since we are on the subject, I guess I’ll throw in my “non” cents.

I believe everyone is capable of being successful. Though some may have to work harder than others, it is possible. Usually, when we think about succeeding at something, we are trying to reach a higher level than we are currently at and in order to get to that level, it requires progression.

My definition of progression is being able to push and stretch yourself past your limits, which is where I think a lot of people fall short. Instead of putting themselves in stressful situations, they stay in their down feathered comfort zone.


I know I’ve said this before, but be a YES MAN! It might seem corny and s#*t, but if you haven’t watched the movie before, watch it because it can be a real life changer… plus it’s got funnies. I remember after watching it I thought I’d mess around to see how many times I could say “Yes” to things I’d normally say “No” to and damn it was hard! I didn’t realize how close minded I was at the time. I was conditioned to saying no to some things before I’d even fully thought it out. It was like a default. Now I feel I got that “I’d try anything once” mindset and I understand how to put myself in stressful situations in order to progress.

The first step is the hardest, whether it be; walking into the gym, registering for a tournament for the first time, or rolling without your wrestling shoes or cup. Yes I shall get on Isaac B. again. Isaac first came to OW wearing his neon orange wrestling shoes. He didn’t like dragging his bare feet on the mat because “it hurts”. Please, there are kids in the jungle right now with no shoes running around like Mogli and we are complaining about rolling around on soft mats. After telling him he needed to take his boots off in order to use spider guard effectively, he started trying class with them off. Of course it hurt the first few weeks, but now he seems pretty comfortable with them off (Same with England and Zvi). Now he’s just gotta get used to being cupless.

Like the video in the previous post, if you truly want to succeed and get better at something, you have to almost be obsessed with it. It has to be on your mind all the time. If you have time to keep up with soap operas and TV shows, then you’re definitely not dedicated enough. If you want a soap opera, go on Facebook. At least they have some inspiring quotes. Spend your time wisely and be efficient at doing so.

The main thing I’m trying to say here is to make sure you’re always pushing yourself towards new challenges. If you are rolling and you get tired, don’t stop there; see if you can push yourself hard for another 15 seconds. Then the next time, maybe 30 seconds and so on. It will only make you grow.