Poker Face

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Poker Face

fresh from f00k


It‘s important to have a “poker face” when rolling. That being, not showing the emotional stress on your face when you are tired or struggling in bad positions. Conveying stress is like telegraphing your exhaustion. Your opponent will sense your fatigue like a shark smelling blood.

You have all seen it in boxing and UFC fights. It happened this past Saturday when Pacquiao destroyed Margartio. After a fury of punches in the 3rd round, Pacquiao forced a smile out of Margarito acknowledging that he got caught.

Everyone here has gone against Kyle. You rarely see him with a stressed look on his face. Most times he’s even smiling, which means he is laughing at you because he’s only 19yrs old (almost 20) and still smashing you. On the other hand you got the folks that when you roll with them, they either look like they are trying to dead lift 500lbs or like they just ran a marathon.


(sry jake it was the only one I could find right now)

There has been many times where this has either saved me or made me give up on a position. Someone can be 95% close to finishing a submission, but when they see how calm (non-threatened) you seem, they may just give up on move and go onto something else.

Most of this depends on how your breathing pattern is. If you’re good at staying calm and breathing thru your nose in long, deep breathes, you will do fine. Being calm will help you with stay focused on your technique! You’ll notice if you roll with the Deadliest Catch, you know he’s worried when he starts breathing in fast, rapid, short breathes. Waka waka!

“Anger just makes people inefficient. Their breathing get shallow, they’re too muscularly tense—they gas faster. Part of what I admire in a fighter like Marcelo Garcia is his ability to control his anger and stay focused. He often gets abused physically. He’s a smaller guy in the open weight competitions, but you never see him distracted. He’s like a laser, focusing on finishing. He has one physical, cold game in mind and nothing distracts him. The abuse is irrelevant.” – John Danaher

Here’s one of my favorite parts off the documentary Tyson where Mike Tyson explains his mindset coming into the ring and how he beats his opponents before the match even starts (first minute of the video). Good stuff!