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Fresh Swag

Fresh Swag

There is new gear available…. yes, kids sizes are available.  There may be other surprises too.  Not completely plugged into everything, so ask Mike for more details: prices, sizes, washing instructions… would you actually look good in them.  He told me I couldn’t have any …. damages the brand’s reputation.  #ThatFaceMo

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 12.44.04 PM

Filipino guy with the “gold toof” sold separately

Shirt 2

Need to teach this man how # and @ properly …. :-/

Speaking Of Swag

Check out some of the new swag coming out of our friends from Dojo Outfitters  #Swag #DojoOutfitters


UFC And After-Party At Fahrenheit

The deal with tomale… #UFC

* So there is still ninja training at Union City as far as I know

* There is still open mat at Sunnyvale, and people like me are still planning on training and then going to UFC…. Mike said he may go to Sunnyvale real quick if you haven’t gotten your ticket from him yet

* Then there is the fights at the SAP Center (broadcasted on Fox)

* Fights in the parking lot…. likely caused by Vu and Kumite… call it a hunch …. Ray and I might instigate

* Next, a group of folks will be grubbin’ at Fahrenheit… apparently the burgers are legit …. a parallel track of us might be in jail by then.   Been studying up …. just in case “thangs go down” ….. watching Trading Places…. like 13-18 times, feelin’ ready…. (seriously: you must be 18 or older to watch the clip, given the language and content in the video…#earmuffs)

* Then the after-party… expect people to be drankin’…. especially based on what we’ve all heard from last weekend …. should be some “gud times”  :-)

* If I were still 25, maybe even 28 …. before all that responsibility hit my shoulders ….. who am I kidding…screw it, I’m just old now…. between work and training this week…. still feel like I haven’t recovered from last weekend.  :-P




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Thomas Gaughan Photography






Links On Tom Gaughan Photography For Those Interested In Additional Details:





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Healthy Perspective

Think we’ve all had a series of conversations about what took place on Saturday and it is still a bit surreal…

Wanted to provide a bit of healthy perspective, because “One World Jiu Jitsu” has been around for 8 moving into our 9th year… and I believe it is hard for some folks to understand the gravity of what took place without understanding some of the origins of our academy.

When I started and let alone the discussions I’ve had with some of folks who’ve been around since the inception… there were no “blue belts” to “a handful to less than 10″ … it was a commodity to get “color”.  Something that was so “rare” and Mike’s standards were/are “so high” …. and let alone Mike’s standards, it is the caliber of the guys (gals) who held those belts… made it feel very, very “lofty” to become that good to meet those standards.

Those that really, really know me.  I am not a belt guy.  I’ve received far too much from the academy as it is and I love it…  as a crusader/fighter in life it is part of what defines me.  So, when I originally got “color”…. I remember thinking the next day… I have to wear the same belt that was worn by Kyle, f00k, Dan, Meaty, Jimmy, etc. and do this thing justice?   That felt like a tremendous burden in my hand (to quote a Soundgarden song) …. and it mentality f’d with me for some time.  Eventually, luckily through the learning process of a torn labrum, I came to realize Mike’s promoting you for being you…. it is a weird psychological understanding that takes time….. you have to be you at all times… deviating course for the sake of impressing someone or something, etc. is out of character…. (essentially being something that you’re not).  To use an analogy: unless it is your game… you’re not going to switch to inverted gward, if you’re a smasher…. why? (you may do it to play around for fun or to explore, however not a default thing, right?)

Likewise, I remember when Kyle and f00k became our first purple belts and Kyle was shaking like a mofo when it happened…. (sorry if I’m outing you on that Kyle… however it was very touching moment personally).  And I remember talking to f00k afterwards… with him being humbly in disbelief.  I’m writing words, however there are no words to describe the sentiment of the moment.  His navy Koral Gi was super fresh though… :-)

Kidding aside, fast forward 3-4 years later …. am sure that’s trickling up the next level now… as we now have a group of senior members from both Sunnyvale and Union City occupying brown while we just had the pedestal of our first 4 home-grown “faixa pretas” established.

f00k wrote a blog to this effect many moons ago… this was stated on Saturday…. it is not a matter of “if”, it is a matter of “when” …. Mike’s rationale is strange and has it’s logic.  My scope of understanding is too limited to grasp how it works, so I’ll share a video …. which seems like a “piece of the puzzle”. To everyone who moved up on Saturday, congratulations again…. today is a new day…. #happens #Road2December



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Recap Of The Team Event….

Recap of the team event from Saturday (July 19th)… #ninjas

Here is an amazing slideshow produced by Tom Gaughan…. more to come through social media and here in the coming days….


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