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Walk That Path…



Symbolic of life on and off-the-mat…..#ManOfWar

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Out Of Respect


For the last 2 weeks our total digital media presence has been fairly sparse, that isn’t because we aren’t on-top of things.  Right now, there are things happening that are broader than our lives on the mat…. so, out of respect ….. we’ve turned down the dial, minus some basic house keeping items.   Would expect things to come back up towards the weekend and the start of next week.

We have GREAT things planned!

In the interim, thank you for your patience….

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Kids Program Special: 30 Days For $30







The last day to claim the special is April 30th, 2014.

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Sunday – April 13th: Special Hot Yoga Session At Yoga@Cindy’s

This Sunday – April 13th there will be a special 90 minute heated yoga class for all One World Jiu-Jitsu members, Union City and Sunnyvale… we’re assuming parents and kids too, .  This is hosted by our blue belt and fam, Mike and Cindy Javier.  This will be a $5 donation base class which will go towards the yoga instructor and fresh fruit afterwards.  Specific details for Sunday are below:

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.25.59 AM

* Time: 11AM
* Place: Yoga@Cindy’s
* Location: 1111 W. El Camino Real, Suite 215, Sunnyvale
* All participants must bring a towel, water and a yoga mat
* Yes, a yoga mat…. if need be, you can buy one at Target for $20
* All participants must register, create a user name and reserve a spot at:
* At this time, Mike and Cindy can only handle 45 people at a time in the facility, so grab your spots now
* As noted above, they will be serving fresh fruit after the session

Make yourself more flexible …. healthier…. happier…. strive to make yourself more like Dhalism…. come on!!!  You’ve played Street Figher!  ….. hey, if we didn’t include a laugh in here it wouldn’t be a One World blog.   By the way, you don’t want none of this in Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the Super Nintendo….. I’ll bring that #YogaFire son!


(click on the image for laughs)

– Mo

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Flippy Floppies

Flippy Floppies

What it is with us Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling folks…. really all grapplers and flip flops? I have my theories behind it, however would really like to hear everyone else’s logic behind what’s up with us and our “flippy floppies”?!?!
Whether it is rain or shine … see Jake for example …


It could be hot… cold, down right frigid …. check out Meaty. I am not even goin’ to get started on what happens when you put socks on with some birkenstocks …. #NoActionBro


Dudes even down right “borrow without permission” other folks flippers…. like Tom did the other night (not intentionally of course)


So what is your thesisssiseses on why we sport dem flippy floppies?

Now this clearly get into a slippery slope, so let’s be clear am not even going to get started on board shorts……… or those folks who go #shirtless in all seasons…….. you know who y’all are :-/


Those are for another post for another time….

Podcast Shoutout

Recently Andy Hung, Dojo Outfitters owner and One World Jiu-Jitsu alumni, did really entertaining Podcast …. gave us a shout out….  As Mike has said himself, “Hard work pays off! Super happy and proud of the Hung Brothers (Andy and Louie). Love (those) guys!”

Check it out here:


Grand Prix: Forthcoming Announcements

So the Grand Prix is approaching on May 10th and on FB, Dave announced their will be some super-fights that will add to a jam-packed day


Speaking of Dave, check out this Zappos self defense seminar he did recently shot by the WANT Vs. NEED crew #TrainWithEveryone

Just Because….


– Mo

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