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Support The Cause

Update on the major events/happenings and then a little extra something about supporting the cause


NEW – Sunday, November 23rd


31Fifty / One World Jiu-Jitsu Sunday Open Mat @ Union City with a 6PM start time.  Good cause… another battle against cancer… and for those that can make it…. let’s show them what One World is all about…. #WeRepresentGood #JiuJitsu4ABetterWorld


Speaking Of 31Fifty

If you’ve been following 31Fifty (@31Fifty on Instagram) or us on social media.  They have their new Batch50 Gi coming out soon…. #YouAintReady

Fook sported it at the Asia Open… #JiuJitsu4ThePeople #HolidayGi



Speaking of Fook…. dooood has been having lots of fun in Japan and the Philippines… even got some training in the P.I. recently …. #ThatsMyNinja

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.54.44 PM


Back To Supporting The Cause: Movember

So all this time I thought this month was dedicated to me?!?!  It is “French Benefits”, right… right…………..right?

Kidding aside, Movember, following the month of October which is based on supporting the cause of breast cancer, is about bringing awareness and supporting the cause of prostrate cancer in men.  There by, most men… will grow out a “stache” …. or some acceptable form of facial hair…. not sure Elvis sideburns are applicable. #SupportTheCause

Well, a lot of us have been growing our facial hair in support of the cause.  Not everyone can pull this off…. however Kyle…. #magnificent


Taking his own initiative…. Phil has decided to drive the cause a step further….major kudos to him.  Please donate if you can…

Quote from Phil, “It’s Movember and now I remember why I stopped trying to grow a moustache after my sophomore year in high school…”

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.44.42 PM


Just For Laughs…




Written by Mo

Purple belt under Mike Prudencio

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.52.15 PM

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Busy… Busy

We’re entering a busy set of weeks building towards the close of 2014.   So here is some of the recent news and notes on the #happenings (hate it when I quote Ed… #happens …. damn it… not again)

Reminder – November 22nd: Part 1


Ant and Vivien are fighting this Saturday @ Battle Of The Bay.  Not sure if there are tickets left… if so, hit them up or Mike and Alex.  #WAR


Reminder – November 22nd: Part 2


For those who are unable, incapable of making it to the fights, we are hosting a dual-stream of Metamoris and Copa Podio @ Union City.  Nam is running the show… #RespectMyAuthoritah


New – November 29th


That’s right!  A week after competing @ Metamoris… Garry Tonon will be coming to Union City to throw a special seminar.


Reminder – December 6th

Dave Camarillo presents the semi-annual Grand Prix.  Great local competition and we usually come out in large numbers for this.

Event details:

Registration is up:


Here are some pictures from the recent Grand Prix(es) and a video highlight package put together by Adam awhile back  ….


2014-11-14 14.19.23

2014-05-10 14.49.26

2014-05-10 14.49.29

2014-11-14 14.19.22

2014-11-14 14.19.28


2014-05-10 14.49.37


2014-11-14 14.19.15 (1)

2014-05-10 18.23.25

Video Highlight Package: 2013

…. Keepin’ it REAL… (borrow a phrase…. umm… without permission I guess… however think it is pertinent to our team) …who got it better than us?  :-)


Reminder – December 20th

Do I really need to write anything here… #oneworldjiujitsu


Written by Mo

Purple Belt under Mike Prudencio



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Safe Travels

Safe Travels

Our boy Fookie Fook jumped on a plane to travel to Asia for the next couple of weeks…. first to Japan, then to the Philippines…  it is a well-deserved vacation where he is going to train and actually compete at the Asia Open in Japan.  #SoInternational

Rumor has it…. he may even sport that new 31Fifty Gi at the Asia Open… I’d follow all the social media to keep your eyes open (@31Fifty on Instagram)

Move of the week for the past 2 weeks… from “grown man” worlds



Pictures courtesy of Ramelyn Dumdumaya (Big Ed’s sister)

Personal reflection

Not really a story of recollection, more 1 of admiration based on my personal understanding from a parallelism given my professional dynamic.

Have told this to both Meaty and Dan The Man privately, however figure will just open up and do it publicly.  When you look at Fook (and Kyle for that matter)…. because he has a desktop/event support job with a lot of travel … he has a REAL JOB…. and a life …. and he has to come be THE MAN on the mat.

For a lot of us, we get to relax and enjoy Jiu Jitsu and it is more casual or enjoyment for us….. everyone goes at him like they’re tryin’ to take his head off.  He doesn’t get any breaks…. and he constantly steps up to the challenge.  That’s something of great admiration when you put all the pieces together.  He has very few people he can just “flow” with…. and in many ways… it makes me respect him that much more…. because he has to force himself to enjoy it more than anyone else.  Which means he f’n loves it.


Speaking Of Instructors

Even with Day Light savings, how many of you early birds are making it out to Clinton’s 6:30AM classes at Sunnyvale?


John Cena would be proud of this… seriously, Clinton’s taken bumps… pro wrestling isn’t easy… fun to watch though (to this day)



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Announcements On Major Events To Close Out 2015

Before Anything Else

Congratulations to Nam and Kyle’s kids… we have 2 new grey belts (Taka and Carter), joining Tino in this rank… and a good number of kids who earned stripes.

Some of the pics are up on Instagram and we’ve dedicated one of the new “sliders” on the website homepage to you kiddos.  We’re super proud of the effort of all our kids, their parents, Nam and Kyle.  2015… #YouAintReady

These kids are our future (on and off the mat)…. shoot I remember when Nam was a “n00b” white belt… and when Kyle was a 17-18 year old kid…. he’ll always be my “kid” brother.  Gave this advice to Kyle and want to give it to this young crop of “limitless” potential after their promotions, as someone who is involved from a distance… with a big smile (it is the same advice which my 1st boss at Cisco gave to me… after a little journey to Washington state)….  “Always stay hungry (or “hangry” I guess these days)… and humble”


November 22nd, 2014: Part 1

Battle Of The Bay: Ant Do and Vivien Lee have amateur fights.   Get your tickets, need to come out and support our folks…. #war #oneworldjiujitsu #akasunnyvale


November 22nd, 2014: Part 2

Dual stream @ Union City:  For those who logistically can’t make it, can’t get tickets, whatever reason you may have for not being at Bay Of The Bay …. it is official…. we’ll be hosting the dual stream of Copa Podio and Metamoris.

We’ll build the details here in a few days on the in’s/out’s, given we’re still figuring things out.  Nam is in-charge though #RespectMyAuthoritah…. the plan is to have both streams going at the same time…. lots and lots of “gud” Jiu Jitsu.


December 6th, 2014

Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu Pleasanton and Dave Camarillo presents the semi-annual Grand Prix.  Great local competition and we usually come out in large numbers for this.

Event details:

Registration is up:

#guerrillajj #oneworldjiujitsu


December 20th, 2014

Semi-annual team event will be right at the end of December starting at 11AM.  Mike says it is mandatory… or don’t comeback… at all… forreallls.  This will be pot-luck style.  We will have a list at each gym for you to register what you can bring to eat, you can also let us know here in the comments or on social media….#junkfood

More details to come as they unfold….


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Mitchell’s Mind: Game Plan

From The Mind Of David Mitchell


I want to talk about the importance of having a game plan.

In everything that I spend any significant amount of time doing, I like to become successful at it. I feel that much of my success at improvement revolves around the fact that I make a game plan in whatever it is I am working on. This is especially important for the grappling arts. As many of you may know, I started off with wrestling for a few years. One of the most impactful things that I learned from these years of being on the wrestling mat was to have a plan going into every practice, every tournament, and every new season. These are not just goals or aspirations; such as having a winning record on the year, winning league, getting my letter or other objective based outcomes. The game plan is not something you aspire to do, it is something you work on and develop and implement every day. This is something that you build off of, your foundation, what you can perform no matter what. It is not something that revolves around what other people are going to do as much as it is what you are determining to do yourself. In this life, you can control your own actions, and not the actions of others. In this life, you control your reactions to other’s action. This is important in the outside world as well as on the mat.

A game plan is something you intend to implement into action that is clear and defined. It is what you excel at and can perform as a default or under duress. For jiu-jitsu, this could mean many things and many ways to look at this. I think one of the easiest ways to truly conceptualize this is to think of competition. Many great competitors know an abundance of fantastic moves and elaborate setups and finishes; and yet, when you see them in competition, their game consists of a much smaller subset of their games that they are just really good at and can perform with excellence. This is in essence, their game plan. These competitors have developed the few moves, in the most common positions, that they can perform exceptionally under the rigors of competition. So the breakdown in developing your “game” would be, (to steal this from Jacob Bell), Grips, Bottom, Top, Submission. The grips will be your preferred grips from standing and if you are going to pull guard or go for takedowns. The bottom would be what is a preferred grip and sweep from the bottom in the main guards (open/half/closed), top would be your progression passes to side control and mount/back control, and finally, your submissions are where you get your glory. This is something that will evolve over time and something that must be constantly honed and kept tight. Now this doesn’t exclude you from doing other moves than what is in the core your game plan, or from taking advantage of situations, but it is what your default attacks will be. If you are not attacking, you are reacting. The person who is constantly reacting, is usually the one tapping. So remember, it is imperative to have that default, solid game. When you have an adrenaline dump, or when you are in the last minute of a match, or when you are on the fifth match of the day with only five minutes rest; you still have a clear and defined plan of attack and you can implement it, no thought required.

Even if you don’t compete, it is very important to understand and implement a game plan. The reason being is this is where you can develop an identity and build off a foundation. This is not a static thing and can be evolved over time and through the learning process. Knowing what you are going to do in many of the common positions each time will help hone your skills, and then as you add more technique, you can branch out and incorporate these into your technique tree. If you imagine your journey in jiu-jitsu as the growth of a tree, there must have a solid and sturdy root system. These are your basic moves and positions, the things we drill on a daily basis, and the things you can do with excellence. Then, as you get better and you start learning more the truck grows strong. Through time, the branches and the leaves start to grow out, you start learning exotic chokes like the Ezekiel or the loop choke, or crazy worm and butterfly guards and the double under-over gorilla grip shoulder lock. These are the fun and flashy moves, while fun and good to know, are not your root and trunk foundation. Those exotic moves work in very specific circumstance and are oft forgotten when you are dead tired. There is a reason why we drill and work on the basics so often, because those win matches.

You might ask, so what does this mean for me and having a game plan on my daily grind? The answer to this is to know what your game plan is and to implement a daily action plan to evolve and improve upon it. Each day you should be trying to tighten up your game, make the strengths better and the weaknesses less weak. There is an important concept called the inch worm concept that I will cover in a future topic, but a concise explanation is that there needs to be progress in what you are good at, as well as what you struggle at in order to lessen the variance of your performance, as well as to progress further in your path. Anyway, each day you roll, should be done with a purpose. Just like in competition, if you are just reacting to what happens today at the gym, you are behind. You should be going in with a plan, maybe to roll with a certain person, work on a certain position, try a few of the new moves you are trying to implement in your game plan, but done while still maintaining the core of your game. Whatever it is, you are going to be developing your game. Now, you don’t always get to roll with that person, or the position that you wanted to work on might not show up, but you are going in with a plan of attack. You are taking your core game, and trying to add slowly, but diligently, to the foundation. This way your game plan can expand and become that much more dangerous. You cannot be afraid to challenge yourself and aspire to become better.

There are other benefits to really sitting down and trying to analyze your game plan. I challenge each and every one of you to sit down and write out your game plan. Take the most common positions in jiu-jitsu and develop what your default, your ideal situation is. If you start the match standing, what are your grips, what takedown are you going to go for; or are you going to pull guard? How are you going to pull guard? If you are in their closed guard, what is your go to pass? If you have closed guard, what is your go to sweep? These are very important to develop and I feel everyone should be able to have an answer to these questions. If it is one, two, or even sometimes three moves that you go for, that is great. The best would be a string of a few attacks that you start to attack with. The answer that kills me to hear is “I don’t know.” I readily admit that there are some positions that I have that answer to, and I work on it to make that a true answer, a defined answer. The reason why “I don’t know” is so dangerous, is that you are in that position and you don’t have a move, you are stuck allowing them to dictate the roll. This is blatantly obviously bad in a competition, but even in practice, it means they are sharpening their tools and you are stuck reacting. So you should have at least one thing you attempt, one thing you get good at from each common position. Then you add to it, you break free from “I don’t know” and you can give me a string of two or three moves that you attempt from there. You attack from top, from bottom, from each position, and then you start to revolutionize your game. When you take the time to have concentrated efforts in the development in your game, it becomes to blossom and become a force to be reckoned with. The brilliant thing is, through each day, you get to have great instruction to augment to that tree, each day a new technique to implement and work on. Through time, you have the ability to flow to moves, and see the finishes. It all starts with have a game plan though, having the base to build off of in order to obtain the positioning to access the next level.

Once again, I challenge you to really think and WRITE DOWN your own game plan, not once but every few months and develop it. Sit down with some higher belts, ask them to help you out. Strive to better yourself and those around you. Revolutionize your game.


Teaser For The Next Blog: Several Announcements

* November 22nd: Ant Do

* November 22nd: Copa Podio, Metamoris

* December 6th: Guerrilla Grand Prix (… like Twix, right?)

* December 20th: Semi-Annual Team Event @ Union City

…. full details in the next post… #StayTuned

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