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31FIFTY Open Matt Session @ One World Jiu-Jitsu

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For Zahra – Beer/Ice Bucket And More

Beer/Ice Bucket… Donations

[sub-context before the meat and potatoes] yeah, it is a “complex” that makes you fight for a better cause, purpose and gives you hope, desire and apathy for others when you see their struggle…. Especially if you’ve lived it or worse. At the same time, it can be your worst enemy … because it can make you want to see the absolute best in something/someone when it really isn’t there…. That’s the real problem…. Have made that mistake before and fought against the grain of life.

You try to hide it (because people will abuse your compassion), but you can’t.  You want to invest in others, however you’re afraid… given people aren’t bound to the same causes as you, their conviction to “greatness” isn’t as deeply rooted… or they leave you spiritually or through death.  So you invest selectively or in sure things ….Ed is fam for many of us (a sure thing) and regardless of what is going on in life ….speaking personally now, not being in the front line of the fight, how could I look myself in the mirror in the morning?

Ed let me know his “little sister” – Zahra – is battling cancer. Per my challenge from Clinton have already donated to ALS Research and while I love what’s happening there… my “martyr complex” tends to believe in causes that are more local/tangible and personable, so why not help out someone we know in their time of need and do something fun in the way only @oneworldjiujitsu can. Why a “Beer/Ice Bucket” challenge, because we’re in the middle of a drought … why waste the water and why not be as original as f***……. plus I am a grown a** man. At a personal level, it is been 5 years since my mentor at Cisco, Jim Dudley, passed away from cancer… while this is predominantly about Zahra… a thread of this belongs to Jim and his memory…. “believe justice happens”.  We raised $87 with limited headcount on Saturday and the crowdsourcing link is below… let’s not let this beer go to waste … more importantly, let’s help Big Ed… and most of all… Zahra with the cause here.

Who Am I Challenging To Help Raise More Mon-Ay For Zahra’s Cause

* Meaty

* Daljit (Dan Garcia)

* Andy Hung

* Jerry Garret

* One of the kids/parents…. hmmm… how about someone from the Vega family…. Gabe, Emily, Westley…. even Emma.  :)

* Will throw an open challenge to the ladies…. let’s see who’ll step up

You don’t have to do a beer-bucket…. figure out some “philanthropy from the heart”…. be original, record it…. nominate some people you’d know who would be willing to help with Zahra’s cause.  Simple ask, right?

Crowdsourcing Link To Donate To The Cause



Garage Sale This Weekend



Also note: we will keep a physical jar around for those looking to contribute to the cause.  Stealing some phrases …. #jiujitsu4abetterworld #oneworldonelove

— Mo

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Recap Darcy Seminar, Monday Schedule And Support The Cause

Basic Notes From The Darcy Seminar
1. Magic/Dope Mount
2. Death Pass
3. Rewind
4. Leg Drag
5. Multiple entries: paper-clip, butterfly, etc.
6. Have fun in the academy and always explore, different when you’re out competing

That’s all you get…. understand that it’s Labor Day weekend, however  y’all missed a good one.  Also, we need to do this more regularly… especially for the advanced folks there is exceptional “little thangs” that were just … wow.   Privately some folks have said Professor Darcy is an amazing teacher, have sensed that from his quick techs on FB/IG and always had mad respect for him… ’cause he’s Darcy (hard to describe).  My personal expectations were completely blown away.   Mike …. we definitely have to do this more regularly and hopefully some of us get to roll with him too ’cause he’s a beast.

From Instagram



Monday Schedule

Normal schedule.  No change whatsoever.  We’re still “doin’ werk”


When A Cause Hits Close To Home

So, am sure many of you are wondering why I am writing a blog so soon after saying I was walking away for a little while.  After becoming a new home owner (all the paperwork/loan management, etc…. now, the cost and time associated with furnishing it… which I’ve nearly finished doing) …. shhhhizzz is supposed to get REAL on 9/9…. however couple that with dealing with a new job and so much other “stuffs”.  Am surprised have kept my sanity and cool the last 2-3 weeks.

At the same, Big Ed reached out to me on Friday about Zahra, his family friend which he considers his little sister…She is battling cancer.  He asked for a post and I tried (pathetically) to say I wasn’t working on the marketing anymore… he said it was all good, however it was in that helpless tone…. my head just stooped …. I don’t care what is going on in my life… I HAVE TO HELP.  Was originally scheduled to do an ice bucket challenge for ALS…. had already donated to ALS research, thus decided to flip the script and did a “beer/ice bucket challenge” on Saturday after the Darcy Seminar to generate money to help Zahra’s battle.  The full details on this “philanthropy from the heart/beer-ice bucket challenge” will be posted here on Tuesday, when more eyeballs should be back on after Labor Day.  It is a video blog, plus I’ll be calling out some folks too… you don’t have to do a beer/ice bucket challenge… think of something original… and how you too can generate money for Zahra and help with the cause.

In the interim, there is a garage sale that is going down next weekend that you help out with financially or just with your mere presence.


Those few that really know “Monish”… there was a time when I abandoned my “martyr complex”, given circumstances in my life.  Ed is fam… and I couldn’t just sit on my hands on this….

Am not sure if this is a short return …. or if I am back for a good …. all I know is that I had to help.  #SupportTheCause


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Matt Darcy Seminar – August 30, 2014

Matt Darcy Seminar 30Aug2014

THIS SATURDAY (08/30)! Don’t miss Matt Darcy’s guard passing seminar at One World Jiu-Jitsu.

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Ending Part Of A Journey (For Now)…

Mo’s Final Blog & Farewell To OWJJ Marketing (For Now… Perhaps)

It actually took me a couple of hours before sending a message I had drafted to Mike about this, however had been scribing it for a couple of days… after staring at and staring at it…. finally hit the send button.

With the recent events in my personal life, believe it is the best time to follow the flow… prioritize with some key initiatives, out of my own volition and with Mike’s blessing… am graciously stepping away from all things “marketing” at One World.  Even as I write this… am hoping down the road to have the cycles again to help.  Obviously am still training, however from event planning, video editing, photos, social media, running/keeping the site fresh, strategic planning and so much more… a man can do so much as a volunteer on-top of  the stress of a high maintenance/profile job …. balancing normal life …. no, am not complaining… it was a labor of love for the last 2 years.

Part of this is to help reset expectations with the audience.  Started to notice the decline in what I was capable of handling when I was interviewing for what would eventually become my new job, has never improved since… for a variety of reasons.  Can’t half ass anything in life… it is not how I am wired.  Would rather not do it … as opposed to do anything less than what we produced all of last year (if not better… always have to try to top the previous year).

Breaking the 4th wall, in a new psychological/philosophical approach am taking to just training/living life with the flow … had every intention of drafting and initiating a “marketing plan 2.0″, however in preliminary chats was already feeling like I was forcing things versus letting things happen organically and seizing the opportunity when it presents itself.    Think that mission (below) still holds… even though was building it conceptually from scratch.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.34.59 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.54.29 AM

Part of what makes me love it so much is that …. when I started my professional crusade as an overly ambitious technology evangelist which wanted to help “flatten the world” use this “magic” that was not so well known/understood at the time …. the internet …. Wanted to help everyone “get it” …. change the machine and the top level execs… show them the world is/was changing (mobility, cloud-virtualization, social, more) and how much better we could make it for all.  I almost feel naive writing that 11 years later …. however that ambition was driven by anger, given this is public domain won’t get into the details …. Even with my best levels of influence…. still wonder from time to time if I am just lining some corporation’s pockets with gold or are we actually helping the “cause” …. Fast forward to now, which is what I loved about this volunteer work…. it is purely built on noble causes.  Finding this so much later in life, however it is been so much fun…. fulfilling …. don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our challenges and issues.  In retrospect, will take nobility over anger as an underpinning anytime…. however perhaps I wouldn’t appreciate nobility without having had to overcome…. and knowing that anger/fuel was no longer a necessity for me to do good/impactful work in life.

…. will close with some of my current mantras which have multiple meanings… thus don’t try to decrypt (for fear of seizure)….  #WeAreOneWorldJiuJitsu #BelieveInOneWorldJiuJitsu #BelieveInTheHoundsOfJustice #BelieveInTheSymbolOfJustice #BelieveJusticeHappens


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