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Video Blog: Day In The Life

Just a normal day in the life at Union City (perhaps in fast forward speed though). Special thanks to Fook for the Go-Pro footage.

In general, we’re hoping to be shooting a lot more footage on the go-pro and just video stuff overall … when we get a chance of course. Trying to do some cool and innovative “stuffs”. :-)



If you are planning on doing the US Open, tonight is the final day to register.



Hopefully will do a round-up on the Pink Party this past weekend #WeFightTogether #AKASunnyvale #OneWorldJiuJitsu

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Champs League And Fahrenheit

Champs League Recap



Before anything else…. David Grimm killed it with the ref game… with Nam policing everything in the backdrop…. (joked about this in the car with Nam… so don’t worry…  expect him to laugh at this).  Thank you to everyone for coming out… doing what we always do …



Official Break Down

1st Round

* Adam lost to last year’s champion – Luke Pollard

* Lance won by points

* Fook won by sub

* David Mitchell won by sub

2nd Round

* Lance won by points

* Fook: bye

* David Mitchell: bye

3rd Round

* Fook faced Lance.  Fook advanced.

* David Mitchell lost to the eventual champion – John Barsotti

Closing Things Out

* Fook lost in the semi-finals match

* Yet won the 3rd place match.  So Fook walked out the 3rd place winner of the Champs League.


Next: Bronze Shield



About a minute… RNC… dominant …. has a belt, a helmet …. talked about this with Clinton…. he either has to go full Gladiator… or literally storm the castle from Mario Land before they let him go to the “Big Show”… I say shoot for a bronze shield next.   Would be pretty dope to have one of those hanging on the wall no matter what…..  Right?!??!

Hey… Stop looking at me funny!!!



Happy (Early) Birthday Dr. Salsa!

In honor of Ernesto’s birthday… just plugging his Chiropractic Care For Jiu-Jitsu Practitioners video series.  Remember to check out:… and look to see if Ernesto can help you “make train in less pain” #DrSalsa

Part 1

Part 2

This Saturday, October 18th 

Reminder: Saturday, October 18th – Fahrenheit Lounge, San Jose. As usual we’re coming out to party strong, however in this particular case…. it is for a great cause (the 10th Annual Pink Party)…. based on the fight against Breast Cancer (the overall theme for the month of October)…. We have and continue to support Ed’s fam, Zahra… Mama Bear’s Mom … Then there is Catie’s sister… each with their respective battles with cancer in some form …. Above and beyond, cancer has touched many of our lives directly or indirectly…. so, let’s show cancer how One World Jiu Jitsu puts it down … dress to impress with some pink and donate if you can.

Think about the impact we’ll have, not to mention it is going to be fun… just imagine what someone would ask you down the road after the event how to thematically summarize things… #ThoseWhoFought4ABiggerCauseCameTogether #TrueStory


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We Fight Together

Saturday, October 18th

“We are collaborating again with Fahrenheit Lounge in San Jose to support Breast Cancer. AKA Sunnyvale, One World Jiu Jitsu, and Skintuitions will be there! There will be awesome raffles, and all proceeds will be donated. Please come out Saturday October 18th and show your support!”  — Catie



Reminder: This Sunday, October 12th

Champs League @ Guerrilla San Jose…. 11AM.  Be There… Support our crew….

Also, status report…. what’s the latest on Cardenas and Ant’s fight on the 11th???


Some Pics From When Andy, Owner Of Dojo Outfitters, Came Through Last Week

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 6.05.40 PM



Have you “liked” Dojo Outfitters on FB … or on Instagram … @dojooutfitters ?


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Reminder: Friday, October 3rd – Andy Hung, Owner Of Dojo Outfitters


Post from Andy’s blog:   Don’t miss this special visit to Union City…. should be lots and lots of fun.  #FamilyReunion


NAGA Recap And Results

Straight from Nam….

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.14.37 AM

Note… Chris Do killed it too…

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.24.20 AM

By the way, that rashguard looks good, right? …. we got plenty of kids sizes and sizes that will fit swoll doods like Big Ed and Clinton…. you know…. like small, kids XL …#ShowMyGAIN

Here is an album from FB with more pics from NAGA:


Weekend Open Mats And Training In General

Been off the chain… #See4Yourself

* This past Saturday:

* From Sunday morning, Competition training getting folks ready for Champs League…

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.35.08 AM

* From Sunday night, the usual crackin’ open mat…. courtesy of Minette ….



To Close: Champs League

Since we brought it up in the last section, reminder…. Sunday, October 12th @ Guerrilla San Jose. #GoodTimes

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October 2014

October 2014

The month of October is fast approaching and there is a lot going on.  Lots of busy weekends… #GetReady #Time2DoWerk


Friday, October 3rd: Andy Hung, Owner Of Dojo Outfitters


That’s right!  One World alumni, owner of Dojo Outfitters and OG #TeamGlandular member — Andy Hung will be in town at Union City for a special night of rolling.  We might have some acai… Andy might also bring some goodies… we going to do it BIG #BAUCE


Saturday, October 11th: Ant Do and Jon Cardenas



Big thangs poppin’ as Ant and Jon both look to add to their amateur MMA records.  Talk to Alex, Mike, Ant and Jon about tickets.


Sunday, October 12th: Champs League @ Guerrilla San Jose


It is that time of the year…. to come out…. and get LOUD….. #oneworldjiujitsu


Saturday And Sunday, October 25th – 26th: US Open In Santa Cruz

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 2.41.08 PM



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