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quotation-marksWell, I have trained at a few different gyms during my bjj career from San Diego to Stockton and Oneworld is one of the best. There is always ample time given to open mat training (45min-1 hour or more) at every class after some good instruction and drilling. There is a wide array of skill level and experience always on the mat from brand new white belts to brown belts. This is also one of the first gyms I find as much dedication from the black belt instructor (Mike Prudencio) as the students which makes for a great learning and training environment. The crew at Oneworld is one of the most family oriented as well as some of the most competitive and tough I have come across. Could not recommend this place more to anybody interested in some good jiu jitsu.

Ernesto Medina | One World Jiu Jitsu Member


quotation-marksI joined One World in 2008 after trying out a few other BJJ schools in the area. From prior experiences with shady gym owners, unprofessional instructors, and inconsiderate training partners, I almost gave up my search for a good school. I’m glad I decided to give it one more shot with One World. The One World/AKA Sunnyvale family is made up of some of the most respectful, kind, generous, and funny group of people from all walks of life – and it all stems from instructor Mike Prudencio. BJJ can be very intimidating and demanding. As a middle-aged practitioner, I was looking to learn the art, stay in shape, and be part of a community. I’ve found all three and much more. If you are looking to compete, you’ll find some of the best competitors and training partners here as well. Whatever your reason, if you’re looking for a fantastic academy with even better individuals, come in and try One World out.

Phillip Poma | One World Jiu Jitsu Member


quotation-marksAwesome gym! Whether you’re a jiu jitsu addict or you’re just trying to get in shape this place has everything. It’s a huge facility that has everything. Crossfit, judo, kickboxing, jiu jitsu and most importantly great people and excellent instructors. The head jiu jitsu instructor, Mike, also is the head of the bjj program at AKA Sunnyvale and he is awesome. Great place, great programs. When I’m anywhere near East Bay I make it a point to drop in and train here.

Clinton E | One World Jiu Jitsu Member


quotation-marksI started training at One World years ago under Mike Prudencio while enlisting in the Army Reserve. One World understood my military obligations and took good care of me. In my books, there is no better place to learn jiu-jitsu than one world. Here are the reasons why. First, there are levels of experience and variety belts from white to brown. Second, there is a consistent schedule for everyday of the week. Third, if you train at one world, you get access to three different gyms. Last and foremost, this place operates as a family, where everyone is willing to teach and learn. Come to One World Jiu-Jitsu and check it out yourself.

Ben Tran | One World Jiu Jitsu Member


quotation-marksDefinitely a great place to do jiujitsu!!! The instruction is great, instructor is highly knowledgable of the art, and last but not least it’s a family atmosphere. Train with everyone; there’s not one person that won’t train with you. Being a big individual it’s sometimes hard to find people to roll with but not with ONEWORLD! I love the classes and the rolls we have after the instruction are great. Everyone is cool and has your back. Definitely a family atmosphere!!

Chad Sunderland | One World Jiu Jitsu Member


quotation-marksI’ve been bringing my five year old son here for over eight months. It is a wonderful way to teach focus, commitment and patience, as well as a great physical activity for an active child. The coaches are extremely supportive and dedicated, and promote a culture of respect. One World has been a wonderful, positive experience that we both enjoy.

Emily Vega | One World Jiu Jitsu Member


quotation-marksI found One World Jiu-jitsu through Yelp as I was researching for BJJ schools upon moving to Union City. After taking the free introductory courses, I was hooked! I’ve been training at this school for over 2 years now and I can’t imagine myself training anywhere else. Professor Mike is a down to earth instructor who is meticulously detail oriented on the fundamental techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is very observant during practice drills and genuinely wants his students to progressively get better and do well in competition. Most importantly, he is also a great mentor on and off the mat.

I started training BJJ in my 30s and I am now in the best shape in my life. One of the most important aspects of BJJ longevity is finding the right environment to train in. I am very fortunate to be training with a great group of people at One World JJ, who I consider my extended family!

Ryan Borromeo | One World Jiu Jitsu Member


quotation-marksAs far as instructors from that era, man, there are a lot of guys from that squad teaching full time now. I’m hesitant to list them in case I miss someone! But since he did post on this thread, I will say that Mike Prudencio is a world class instructor in his own right, and definitely the most under the radar instructor in the Bay Area. (Mike was part of the original RGMV crew and belted all the way up to brown under Ralph before receiving his black from Dave.) The team he built is exceptional, and not only are they extremely talented he has fostered a great atmosphere with quality people on and off the mat. Starting literally from scratch Mike has built what I consider one of the most devastating competition teams as well, and he’s one of the first guys I like to discuss technique with.

Alan Marques | Founder OntheMat and Heroes Martial Arts


quotation-marksI’m a brown belt with a bit of BJJ history. I started training in jiu-jitsu in 1994 and have been training on and off since. I was sponsored to train in Abu Dhabi by the prince who started the world renown Abu Dhabi grappling tournament. After training there for two months my team and I represented Abu Dhabi at the First World Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Rio, 1996. I lived and trained in Rio for 3 months. I’ve trained at Barra Gracie, Alliance, nearly all the big schools in San Diego, LA, and the Bay.

Mike Prudencio and his brown belts “Fookie” and Kyle are world class teachers and competitors. It is very clear that Mike studied under Ralph Gracie by the simple, direct, and effectiveness of the techniques that he teaches. He teaches timeless fundamentals, and in my book is the best teacher I’ve ever studied with. There are two types of teaching styles that I’ve come across: linear technique and concept/principle. At One World your fundamentals will be sound because they teach by technique, but also give the students freedom to explore and roll using the concepts and principles they have picked up from the “art” of jiu-jitsu. Basically, they are scientists AND artists.

Mike guides his students along at every level and doesn’t discriminate or exclude people. I believe his respect and hope for each student is what enables them to reach their potential and feel like they can continue to improve. Mike’s students are well known for their edge in competition as well as their hospitality and respect on and off the mat. His students are amazingly technical and tough, a golden combination. There is a family feeling as well as a seriousness that runs through the school. It is a great environment for young dreamers to grow up because it provides so many keys to success. These aren’t just words, if you go to One World and experience class you’ll see for yourself, first hand.

If you’re considering getting back into shape or learning jiu-jitsu you have to try One World, it has proven to be all of this and more. Call them today and get rolling!

Chris Corrales | One World Jiu Jitsu Member