fresh from f00k


I’m pretty sure everyone here has played board and card games before. As you probably noticed, the gameplay for most of these games are the same.  Someone has a turn, then you go, then they go, then you go, etc… Well imagine if you were playing a game like Chess or Connect Four and you get to go twice every time your opponent goes once. You would probably win every time, right? Well this is how you want to play the chess game that is jiu-jitsu.

I was talking to DJ about this last night at open mat. As I rolled with him, I noticed he was always letting me get my grips and everything I wanted before he started making his moves. Whenever he went for something like a submission, he gave me too much time to defend before he tried to finish it. He was pretty much giving me 2-3 turns every time he went once. So even if I made a mistake, I had another second or two to recover before he capitalized on it.

This is something I know everyone is guilty of.  Being a fresh purple belt, I rolled with a blue belt from another school a couple weeks ago and decided I’d go easy at the start. Well he boa gamed pass my guard quick and got to my back. It was too late to turn it up because this was where his game was the best, but luckily I was able to defend till the timer rang lol!

Being on the receiving end with higher belts, I noticed they don’t let me use my Uno Skip Card (let me set up). Nothing is free, I have to work for every little grip and foot positioning.

For those of you that like highlight vids, here’s a lil gem I found today of a Ralph Gracie purple belt from OC. Dude’s game is sick! Jimmy, check out 1:30! He does the move!!!